Welcome to PICO elektra: marking metals without impairing the surface or shape.

Electrochemical marking of metals in a few simple steps

Manually or semi-automatically in conjunction with a marking system.

Simple preparation of the marking operation

Simply place the workpiece on the contact plate, align the stencil or attach it to the hand stamp.

Apply the marking to the metal in just a few seconds

Press the hand stamp (moistened with electrolyte) onto the workpiece or stencil for approx. 2 to 3 seconds. Etch larger figures onto the metal manually using the horizontal sliding method.

As soon as the preset etch-time has elapsed, the marking becomes permanent

The workpiece is then cleaned and passivated using Neutralin.


Etching Devices

For marking items with small marks or logos, such as tools and surgical instruments.



Suitable for series production with small to medium-sized markings: uses manual or automated electrolyte dosing.


Electrolytes and cleaners

Different electrolytes are required for light and dark markings. Aftertreatment uses specially developed cleaners.


Etching stencils

Short-run and long-run stencils available in various sizes.